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Noodleburger, Nate Dogg , Nate tha 5-9.

Currently listening to?
Michael McDonald, Burning Star, Caddyshack 2 soundtrack, Headkase-beginnings, taproot.

Role in the phibz?
bass guitar extraudinair (is that spelt right?), putting my foot on matt's kick drum, cooking for dan and matt.

How long have you been with the phibz and why?
Since its conception, 6 years ago

Favourite TV Show?
dirty sanchez, beavis and butthead, andy dick show

rare vinyl collecting, hanging out with friends, and watching local bands.

bass guitar its a washburn it does the job for now and it sounds great and i can't wait for my endorsement (hint hint) and a killer fender 100w amp

Fave thing about being in amphibious?
staring at matts buttcrack during practice.

Preferred Female Type?
rocker chick, bronde or bluenette, must share my passion for tragic eighties music.

Fave Van Halen song?
i'm sorry, van halen are great but Burning Star are really hot right now. Actually van halen my fave is why can't this be love...

How often do you get chix by saying you are in amphibious?
I got more chicks b4 i was in amphibious to say the truth, haha.

Life outside the phibz?
Work in a music store, go out clubbing occasionally, and watch horror flix yall.

Fave Rock Stars?
xzibit, yeh dave grohl is good just to make matt happy.

What band would you most like to tour with?
Space, Veruca Salt,

Most influenced over the years by?

Most memorable gig moment:
The Planet X Tour show, with over 200 people watching and my bass wasnt working. Talk about pressure!

Whats on your Christmas list this year?
a kickin bass, and a rider which we are still waiting for haha.

Known to say?
'like' and 'dan, no drinking or smoking before the show'

If you didnt play in an awesome rock band such as the phibz, what would you do?
finishing off my best selling novel.

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