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Going out terms

I knew things would never be the same
when i came home that day
And you were waiting for me
But not in anticipation
More in disgust
So we took a walk down the path to talk
about what was wrong
and when you started to get nasty
I told you i didnt need to hear this
and i was going home
and you told me to stand a little closer
and thats when you took a swing
And we connected in a way we never have before
cheated on you
i kissed another girl
im sorry that i hurt you
It just kinda happened
what more can i do

now i see you maybe once or twice a year
and you have a different guy each time
and had it up to here
But i dont regret a thing about what happened in the end
and i wont forget the times we had
they werent a waste like you said

I still want you more than you will know
youre the best friend that i ever had
but thats slowly going away

(c) Copyright 2002 amphibious music

Author/Composer: D.Winter
Composer: N. Winter