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You will never be my girl

I've been knocked down again, tell me why..
My only friend's up there in the sky
I'm on my on again, in the night
can't find a girl who'll take me tonight
And let me down, I wont care

Don't get on top of me, baby
cause you will never be my girl again
there's no stopping me, lately
you will never be my girl.

So what's it like to be rejected now
the table's have turned and your on the way down
from all those years of pushing me away
you'll listen to everything i have to say
to make you feel that way again

Oh, Im sick of feeling sorry for myself
So, I don't need you anymore!

(c) Copyright 2001 amphibious music

Author/Composer: N.Winter
Author/Composer: D. Winter
Composer: G. Collingwood