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Thinkin about the countless times i've been talked out of a world
by some "friends" who believed that i could "do so much better"
I've added them to my list of "byes byes"
and thanks for nothing else
i guess noone believed them anyway

and thats the way the story goes, dont hang around
If thats the way the summer goes, with you
thats the way the story goes, dont hang around

Thinkin about the songs we've sung like 'always on my mind'
'drifting away' 'in the morning', and i wrote you a 'letter'
I said 'you will never be my girl'
and then i wrote 'again'
I guess noone believed me anyway

Its the freakin weekend, and i don't want you to hang around

I cant wait for the summertime, new releases with summer lines
I cant wait to hear the summer rhymes, always and every time

Thinkin about a long weekend, that will never ever end
and the friends we believe in, can it get any better
I've taken them off my list of 'byebyes'
and thanks for everything
now lets get drunk, find a beach, float away.

(c) Copyright 2003 amphibious music

Author/Composer: D. Winter
Composer: N. Winter
Composer: M. Diehm