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Time Bomb

Look at me, as all the colours of the out
you'll see an un-extraordinary guy
no reason why
all the people stop and scare me with their eyes
they think I'm just an ordinary person
just gimme some time...plenty of time

Fantasise..sitting on a beach and staring at the sky
make believe the holidays have come
living a lie
(ive got) no money im starting a brand new currency called time
and im spending it on playing music all day
just gimme me some time...plenty of time

Here we are..standing on a wooden stage and its up high
you see im not so ordinary now
feel so alive
this one'll goe out to the jealous/friendly type
who tried to bring us down to earth and slam us to the ground
just give us some time...plenty of time

(c) Copyright 2003 amphibious music

Author/Composer: D.Winter
Composer: N. Winter
Composer: M. Diehm