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We Can Survive

(Why dont you) give up your dreams and celebrate losing your minds
(Why cant you) Leave us the local music scene we're doing fine
(Why dont you) give up your quest to rip off every band that cant survive on 2 Jugs of beer and the door
(You must be) taking hallucinagens cause

We can survive
We can define what it means

(Why dont you) Listen to me regurgitate whats on our mind
(Cause you know) Everthing sucks and lifes a bitch all of the time
(Why wont you) give up your quest to repossess all of the scene we started
you're not the kings anymore

Now that we know the score, noone cares about you anymore

(c) Copyright 2003 amphibious music

Author/Composer: D.Winter
Composer: N. Winter
Composer: M. Diehm