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You’re not the friend I met before
You’re more the stranger at my door
I felt a change inside of me
You’re not the person I wish to see

Trust in, noone
Noone’s trusting trust noone
Dealer, deals one
Given up the deal is done

You took my life away
Told me not to spill my blood
Took my dreams away
And I’m feeling all messed up
You took my heart away
And you said you’d make it up
Like nothing happened ever

I didn’t see what led to this
But time is running out for you
Break away from what you’ve learned
Get away from what you’ve burned

Help me noone
Noone’s helping help noone
There’s no problem
Can you see the problem now

(c) Copyright 2002 amphibious music

Author/Composer: G Collingwood
Author/Composer: D. Winter
Composer: N. Winter