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WHEN: Saturday October 9 - Saturday January 3rd 2005- and still going!
WHERE: Mobius Cube Studios

DETAILS: The guys are back at Mobius Studios recording their upcoming release. Their last EP 'Summer Rock Musical' was also recorded here, as was their debut 3 track single 'drifting away'.

 Nates drumming again

 Nates bass playing again!

 Engineers Luke and Tane!

 Dans lyrics sheet

 The cover of the Rolling Stone where the phibz might be soon (or not)!

 Nate sits where the magic happens :)

 Dan looking at a lamp and an empty bottle of water (wink)!

 Singin in the specially made vocal booth!

 Chillin on the couch!

 More singing!

 Demolished! Those who own the first drifting away single, this is where the cover photo was taken. The grafittied shed is gone!

 Dan putting guitars on tape!

 Nate putting bass on tape!

 Dan messing with the songs while producers Luke and Tane are on lunch!

 Nate setting up kit!

 creating feedback from speakers!

 The view from outside!