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Visible Ink Festival - SouthBank Piazza - April 13th 2003

Amphibious played the Visible Ink Festival and it was wicked/awesome! All the bands and acts were great, and there was a great crowd. Amphibious not only got to meet popular brisbane band George backstage, they got introduced onstage by them so that was cool. And after the show there was a RUSH for T-shirts and CDS which all went very quickly as you can see by the photos!

Click 4 live video of the gig
(courtesy of troy, and windows media player)

You will never be my girl

(courtesy of Gavin/Carmel)

 rockin a packed stadium!

 live in the sunshine!

 rocking the moshpit!

 signing autographs and CD's!

 more signing!

 the signing never ended!