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Australian Bands

Blind to Reality

BLIND TO REALITY (Back to Quick Jump List)
3-piece Brisbane band, mixing Nu-metal with melodic rock!
Visit Blind to Reality at

Bubble Vicious

BUBBLE VICIOUS (Back to Quick Jump List)
All-grrrl trio from Sydney. An interesting mixture of grunge/punk/distorted guitars, growly vocals, original everything!
Visit Bubble Vicious at

Bubble Vicious

CALLING KAISER (Back to Quick Jump List)
Alternative original sounds, inspired by weird dreams and bands such as: Radiohead, Muse, Simian, Mr. Bungle, Tool, & Eskimoe Joe! Brisbane based band.
Visit Calling Kaiser at

Eat Your Young

EAT YOUR YOUNG (Back to Quick Jump List)
Punk rock from Brisbane!
Visit Eat Your Young at


FEIGN (Back to Quick Jump List)
Brisbane band, lyrics-based, melodic alternative/acoustic rock mixed with Metal, Classical, and a few other styles.....
Visit Feign at

Gazoonga Attack

GAZOONGA ATTACK (Back to Quick Jump List)
Brisbane-based, Twin-guitar attack, 3 chord strumpets!
Visit Gazoonga Attack at


HEADKASE (Back to Quick Jump List)
Lively and original 6 piece band from Brisbane combining mad metal mayhem with trancy splashes of drum 'n' bass, reggae, hip hop and circus music!
Visit Headkase at


KATABATICA (Back to Quick Jump List)

Visit Katabatica at


LAST MINUTE (Back to Quick Jump List)
LastMinute is a Brisbane band made up of 5 Aussies and a Sicilian. Enjoyed with soft things like toilet paper and boobs, LastMinute is an intricate tangle of perception dished up in a blaze of shame! Musical genre - GrouseCore. We'd like to see any other band organise six drunks!!
Visit LastMinute at

Little Jody

LITTLE JODY (Back to Quick Jump List)
Punk Band from Brisbane!
Visit Little Jody at


MESMERIC (Back to Quick Jump List)
Four young ladies with a passion for music. Hailing from a notorious tourist destination on the east coast of Australia (Gold Coast), their formation has resulted in the development of a style once described as "Chick Metal Dero" music!
Visit Mesmeric at

Model Behaviour

MODEL BEHAVIOUR (Back to Quick Jump List)
4 piece original band delivering you funky rock and roll fresh from the classroom!
Visit Model Behaviour at


NEW SCHOOL HERO (Back to Quick Jump List)

Visit New School Hero at


ORPHEUS (Back to Quick Jump List)
Chunky, enchanting, refreshing, progressive, with a distinct Middle Eastern influence!
Visit Orpheus at


PREFIX (Back to Quick Jump List)
Prefix is a 4 piece Brisbane outfit. Their sound is very unique and can't be fixed to any one band or genre easily. With influences that are vast and unpredictible, Prefix is definitely a band to keep an eye on!
Visit Prefix at


RAZEL (Back to Quick Jump List)
An awesome brisbane band. Check them and their CD out. Supports include Grinspoon, Front End Loader and more!!
Visit Razel at


RENDEZVOUS (Back to Quick Jump List)
Described as old school punk meets australian grunge!
Visit Rendezvous at


RETROSPECT (Back to Quick Jump List)
Melodic Rock, 3-piece, Music for the Masses from the Gold Coast!
Visit Retrospect at


SEMICOLON (Back to Quick Jump List)
Semicolon are an original four piece Brisbane band whose entertaining and moody melodic anthems coupled with pounding well-balanced rhythms are already differentiating them from other bands in the music scene!
Visit Semicolon at


SIKLIK (Back to Quick Jump List)
Nu Metal from the Gold Coast!
Visit Siklik at


SUPERHERO (Back to Quick Jump List)
Brisbane Look Out For Them In The Future!
Visit Superhero at


SYNIK (Back to Quick Jump List)
4 piece Brisbane band, Nu-metal/Grind Core, Aggresive, Mean, Synikal!
Visit Synik at


TARNYSH (Back to Quick Jump List)
Rock from Toowoomba!
Visit Tarnysh at

The Band

THE BAND (Back to Quick Jump List)
a kick arse band thats more funny then talented!
Visit The Band at

The Jaded Web

THE JADED WEB (Back to Quick Jump List)
This Brisbane-based band are a full powered rock band generated by a web of four guys who create music influenced by their own life experiences!
Visit The Jaded Web at

Uneven Terms

UNEVEN TERMS (Back to Quick Jump List)
Alternative rock in Brisbane!
Visit Uneven Terms at

International Bands

Dead Steelmill

DEAD STEELMILL (Back to Quick Jump List)
Hardcore Punk from Chicago!
Visit Dead Steelmill at


MISSTAKES (Back to Quick Jump List)
Brazilian band who are influences by bands like silverchair!
Visit Misstakes at

Music Industry

Alchemix Music Portal

ALCHEMIX MUSIC PORTAL (Back to Quick Jump List)
Music Portal, Recording Studios, Management, Band Directory, (sign yourself in) etc.
Visit Alchemix Music Portal at

Australian Music Info

AUSTRALIAN MUSIC INFO (Back to Quick Jump List)

Visit Australian Music Info at

Garage Bands

GARAGE BANDS (Back to Quick Jump List)

Visit Garage Bands at

The Oz Music Project

HARBOUR AGENCY (Back to Quick Jump List)

Visit The Harbour Agency at

line 6

LINE 6 (Back to Quick Jump List)
The equipment singer/guitarist Daniel uses!
Visit Line 6 at

MP3.COM.AU (Back to Quick Jump List)

Visit at

The Oz Music Project

OZ MUSIC PROJECT (Back to Quick Jump List)
Australian Music Resource Site!
Visit The Oz Music Project at


OZROCK (Back to Quick Jump List)
Australian Indie music site, heaps of bands music to listen to! This link will take you straight to amphibious section which features early DEMOS of the phib's music!
Visit Ozrock at


SOUNDPIMPS (Back to Quick Jump List)
The Music Pushers!
Visit Soundpimps at

Net 50

Triple J Net 50 on Saturday's (Back to Quick Jump List)
Vote for an amphibious song on Triple Js Net 50!
Visit Triple J at

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