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NEXT EVENT:Currently recording a new EP at Mobius Studios. Keep your eye out for updates! Click for Event Guide!

amphibious Amphibious just miss out on M-One Festival! posted 25/09/02
The phib just missed out on playing at ANZ Stadium with all the big names! Instead they've received a runners-up Lifehouse pack full of CD's and what not, plus there songs are being played on national radio. So thats the good news! The winning band was a hard rocking band called Cartel, who should do a good job rocking the Stadium.

amphibious New EP and lineup almost ready! posted 25/09/02
Amphibious have nearly finished recording their New EP which will follow up the 'drifting away' single released earlier. Without giving too much away, there are 4-5 exciting new songs, and its due for release around January 2003. Also, a new bass player will be announced soon to fill in the big shoes left by Garth.

QUOTE: "One of the hottest bands to emerge in the Brisbane live music scene” Click for full Biography!

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