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Dan or whatever

Latest Music Bought ?
Recently bought Alexisonfire, Poisen the Well, Soma Rasa (from Brissy). I still love my local band cds including Sunk Loto (between birth and death), Japunga (Light at Days end), Butterfly effect (begins here), Hotel 44 and heaps others!

Role in the phibz?
Buying everyone type of Rock Magazine to keep people entertained when they visit me. Also wearing shirts like Linkin Park and Bobby Brown shirts so ppl think Im uncool when really they are uncool for wearing shirts they think are cool.

How long have you been with the phibz and why?
Around 6 years, and because theres heaps more i wanna do, like play the gold coast Big Day Out and Brisbane livid.

Favourite TV Show?
MTV's SuperRock and Headbangers Ball.

Love catching local bands, Going to the Coast, watching MTV, anything music rocks!

Line 6 Flextone II Head, Line 6 <2 x 15> Cabinet and multitask footswitch. Gibson Epiphone Guitar. (Any Endorsements Welcome!!)

Fave thing about being in amphibious?
knowing that some day someone might care.

Fave Rock Stars?
Tim Rogers (you am i), Luke Morgan (Hotel 44), Clint Boge(Butterfly Effect), Nutty (Headkase), Andy (Razel)

What band would you most like to tour with?
Any cool local band, also Jimmy Eat World, oh anyone really.

Most influenced over the years by?
starting about 10 years ago, i went through a Pearl Jam phase, then a Green Day phase, then a You am I phase, and then a blink 182 phase, then an eminem phase, now id probably say a local band phase, plus heaps of small phases here and there.

Most memorable gig moment:
Having people at our last few gigs and having a good time as well (amazing!)

Whats on your Christmas list this year?
to give and not receive (well maybe a little bit).

Known to say?
"thankya", "thats mad!", "coolness", "party hard" and "rock on!"

If you didnt play in a band such as the phibz, what would you do?
Buy an island! (laughs out loud)

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