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Triple J Unearthed

Triple J Unearthed! posted 28/05/04
Triple J are unearthing QLD bands at the moment, the band sent their song 'End of the World' which you would have only heard at gigs so far. You hear a sample of it in the Downloads section.

logan youth events

Bewildered Photos! posted 4/04/04
Check out some of the pix and the video of the band at this cool festival. If you took a photo of the band at the festival, and you want it up on the site, email it to
Click here to go to the photo section for the pix <<<<<<
Click here to go to the downloads section for the video <<<<<<
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Rockfest 04

Thrown to the lions! posted 28/06/04
This Sunday 4th July you can catch the phibz playing an all ages gig in Brisbane. Near King George Square in the middle of Brisbane city is a place called the Lions Den. The day starts at 2pm in the afternoon and amphibious will hit the stage at 4pm. Check out the Event Guide for all the details.


Anemic Review! posted 20/04/04
The 'Summer Rock Musical' EP has been reviewed by Anemic Magazine. Go check it out at section at!!


From the band! posted 02/04/04
Hey all! We’ve had many questions as to when we will announce the Summer Rock Musical EP launch shows. As many of you know, the EP was released on the first day of summer last year. Since its release, there has been an advertising campaign to give people in Brisbane a chance to see our name and purchase the EP from the stores. You may have noticed banner ads on,, also ads, interviews, and cd reviews in local street press Rave and Time Off mags, (including this week), and also a couple of radio spots including river 949. If anyone has missed any of these we will try and get them all up on the site. We've have had a massive increase in visitors to the site (including you) which is great, and heaps more mailing list subscribers, and as a bonus are starting to sell some copies of the EP through Skinnys Music in Brisbane. Expect to see a run of smaller shows soon (check the Event Guide), and larger shows from May including an official launch and some shows outside of Brisbane. Also expect another rare demo release of two new songs in the coming month, and a brand new EP around August/September. In the meanwhile, check us out on Saturday 3rd April at Bewildered Festival (see gig guide) Thanx and may you rock forever.

logan youth events

Totally Bewildered! posted 21/03/04
The band has been announced for the upcoming National Youth Week Finale entitled 'Bewildered' on Saturday April 3rd. What we know is that itll feature 11 local bands, itll be FREE entry and all ages, so sounds pretty good.
Click here for a Site Map of the Venue <<<<<<
Click here for the program with band times <<<<<<

Check out the Event Guide for the details.


Skinnys Review! posted 20/02/04
The 'Summer Rock Musical' EP has been reviewed by Bec Stafford at the Skinnys Music website. Well, what are you waiting for, go to the reviews section at and click on the local reviews!!


RAGE against the amphibious! posted 13/02/04
RAGE recently (Friday 13th) featured the national debut of the video clip for 'You will never be my girl', which has had a great reaction so far



Voting Poll! posted 30/01/04
vote for your favourite song off the 'Summer Rock Musical' EP. Also, check out the photo on the left of the band (sans Matt), which shows the awesome sunset following Brisbane's big storm.


No 5 with a bullet! posted 26/01/03
The EP has this week hit Number 5 on the Skinnys Music Top 11 EP/Singles Charts (Click to check it out)


New EP Review! posted 16/01/03
TIME OFF (21/01/04) street press has also reviewed amphibious 'Summer Rock Musical'. We've posted the reviewed in the Guest Pit. Click for

TIME OFF Magazine EP Review or

RAVE Magazine EP Review .

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Operation Amphibious! posted 16/01/03
Gigs have been put on hold for a few weeks until Dan fully recovers from a recent operation (Cheers for the ongoing support y'all - Dan). Medical issues aside, everything is going wicked! the EP is catching on and getting a great RAVE Mag Review and positive feedback (including being added to -Cyndi Laupers Official Site for covering 'The Goonies R Good Enough' on the new EP'). Also, their video clip for You Will Never Be My Girl is set to be on RAGE in a few weeks. So keep up with the action! .

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The Critics View! posted 21/12/03
The new EP has received its first review in a recent Rave Magazine, check it out in the AMPHIBIAN GUEST PIT .

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THE WAIT IS OVER! posted 29/11/03
The new EP "Summer Rock Musical" is available in Brisbane now from Skinnys Music (go instore, or order with their online shop facility) . Find out more about the EP in the Discography section, and hear some samples.

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New Photos! posted 2/11/03
Some photos are up from the Tour amphibious did with New Zealand band Mighty Scoop and Brisbane band Semicolon. Onstage photos are coming soon
Click here to check em out!

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2 cool shows this week! posted 26/10/03
You can catch the phibz at the Troccadero Sports Bar on the Gold Coast this Thursday 30th, and then on Saturday 1st at Alley bar in Milton. All shows are in support of MightyScoop from NZ, and fellow Brisbanites Semicolon.
Click here for the gig guide!

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SPOTTED IN THE CROWD! posted 14/10/03
OK, heres a little something to fill in 2 seconds of your time. Hard rock aussie band anotherace split a while ago, but they took a photo of the crowd at their last Gold Coast concert, and we found this photo on their website, and guess who is in the crowd?
Click here and check out the two dudes on the right!

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MORE FILM CLIP PIX! posted 4/10/03
Thanks to those who caught amphibious last night on 101FM radio yapping about themselves and Freefall festival and what not, and to celebrate here is

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Amphibious will play this years Freefall Festival, it all very exciting news. The phibz have dedicated a page to the leadup to the festival so keep checking it out as developments occur. The complete phibz guide to Freefall Festival!

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BIG SHOWS AHEAD! posted 29/09/03
Already in the pipeline for amphibious, are 2 gigs with New Zealand band Mighty Scoop and fellow Brisbane band Semicolon at the end of October! The boys will play the Troccadero Entertainment Centre on the Gold Coast, and The Alley in Brisbane. More exciting shows announced soon!

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If your in Brisbane, tune in this Friday night at around 9pm to radio 101 FM to hear a few amphibious tunes and whatever else! The band will be promoting the upcoming FreeFall Festival 2003!

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FILM CLIP PIX! posted 04/09/03


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The phibz played the Freefall Festival fundraiser on saturday night and it was great to see a big crowd there to party the night away. The other bands that played were Hotel 44(CD launch), Half Way Out, Freestyle and Broken Shanty who all rocked, and thanks to the organisers. PHOTOS ARE UP NOW!
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'Summer Rock Musical' EP
out now at SKINNYS MUSIC


Possible setlist for Rapid! posted 27/06/03
Check out the possible setlist the phibz could be playing at Rapid. And just for interests sake, check out the contrasting setlist for an amphibious show way back in 1998 from one of their first gigs, when it was all noise and thrashing! Click here to check it out!


Timetable for Rapid! posted 15/06/03
New Zealand rockers Zed are opening the day on the Kerrang Radio stage from 12.00-12.30, and then make sure you rush over to the TimeOff stage to catch AMPHIBIOUS at 12.30!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the Rapid Timetable (acrobat version)!

Phibz get new Tenants! posted 01/05/03
Amphibious are doing a show with the currently touring The Tenants (well known for their JJJ song 'Sh%t me to tears' a few years back)!
Click on the picture for the gig details!

visible ink

Southbank Fun was had! posted 17/04/03
Amphibious played the Visible Ink Festival and it was wicked/awesome!
Click 4 photos AND video and review of amphibious at the festival!

river949 Please stop calling me? posted 5/04/03
The phibz have a chance to support Shakaya and Charlton Hill at the Ipswich Festival on April 12th! Thanks to River 94.9fm 'untapped', they play the show the night before at the Ipswich Festival, and if they are chosen they will support the mentioned pop acts. So keep your eye on the Event Guide

visible ink We are the youth! posted 5/04/03
This Sunday April 13th, following the Shakaya gig, amphibious will rock the closing of youth week. 'Visible Ink' is hosting the festival at Southbank Piazza, so check out the Event Guide for the details!

river 94.9 Frogs on Radio? posted 26/03/03
If you were tuned into popular radio station River 949 on wednesday night with DJs Goldie and the Kid, you would have heard an interview with Dan and their song 'You will never be my girl' cranked over the airways. Amphibious are in the running to support big pop acts like Shakaya and Charlton Hill at an Ipswich festival on April 12th. Thanks to anyone who SMSed the station to vote for us. Keep your eyes on this page!

phibzy RATM meets TAXIRIDE? posted 25/03/03
Amphibious have been getting plenty of pre-release feedback on their next single 'You will never be my girl'. These are some of the anonymous opinions the song has received....

1: 'Its very catchy. It sounds like a cross between Taxiride and Rage against the Machine.'
2: 'Definately a cruisin/surfing sort of sound, kinda silverchair but more poppier. Very commercial.'

Sounds good! Soon it will be YOUR turn to find out for yourself.

Film Clip Pix! posted 07/03/03
Everyone on the amphibious mailing list has already gotten an exclusive look at these behind-the-scenes pix, so now its your turn to check them out! Special thanks to solo artist Leigh-Chantelle for taking the photos, and Nasty Studios for their professionalism!

Video a Go-Go! posted 30/02/03
After 10 hours of shooting and heaps of fun in different locations, amphibious have finished their video clip! If you want to have an exclusive first look at the behind-the-scenes photos, you had better hurry up and sign up to the mailing list!

Amphibious Mascot! posted 15/02/03
Meet Phibzy! The unofficial amphibious mascot! Phibzy will pop up here and there on posters and promotional material and may make an appearance on the new EP! Watch out for him!

amphibious fans with dan at a backyard party frogs on film! posted 2/02/03

Here are some more tiny details about amphibious video clip for 'you will never be my girl'. There will be 4 locations: A stage, coffee shop, street, and construction area. There will also be 3 costume changes! The EP will surface in the coming months and it has been produced to an international standard! So watch out for it!

nate and dan with Clint from The Butterfly Effect! From the frog's mouth! posted 16/01/03

Question: Have you always wanted to know who the evil twin is? Ans: find out that and more in the new FAQ section !
Question: Need the latest amphibious accessories? Ans: Go shopping at the new Shop section and see whats available!

amphibious at Her Majestys Bar Video phibbed the radio star! posted 2/01/03

Happy New Year Everyone! To kick off 2003, amphibious are preparing to shoot a video clip for the song "You will never be my girl" off their up-coming EP! The location for the video is near Brisbane's Southbank, and should be a ripper! More updates soon!

amphibious at Planet X, Fitzy's Loganholme Phib go in-SAIN! posted 28/12/02

Amphibious have their photo in this month's SAIN magazine which is FREE from any Sanity store. Skip to page 55 to see a photo of the band in action at the Jim Beam Planet X Tour, and an article on how the night went!

band with fans Amphibious kicked out of venue! posted 28/12/02

Amphibious were evicted from a local venue at a recent show when confusion arose over the legal drinking age of the band members. Despite all members being above drinking age, onstage comments from singer/guitarist Dan lead management to believe they were actually under 18 years of age and therefore were not allowed in the Hotel, let alone drinking. Dan acknowedgles that his onstage comments of "None of us are 18 yet" and "We had better finish our beers before anyone notices" were in fun. Nevertheless, all was sorted out, and the band is looking forward to a friendly return.

amphibious The X Factor! posted 24/11/02

Amphibious had a sweet time at the Jim Beam Planet X show and it was a really action packed evening. The phib were well received by a crowd of over 200 party people, and played for around 30 mins! The show was filmed by Planet X, to be shown on TV worldwide, and they also interviewed Daniel immediately after. AWESOME PHOTOS ARE UP so go and check them out! The other bands were Ginger and Care factor Zero who were both awesome. Punk rockers Care factor Zero were chosen to rock the sydney superdome, and theyll definately put on a Planet X worthy show.

amphibious Not so Rave Review! posted 20/11/02

This weeks popular street press 'Rave' Magazine, features an unfavourable review by punk reviewer Bianca Valentino, of amphibious' performance at last weeks Troccadero showcase gig. With quotes like "how many songs can one band play in a set about love and girls".

Answer: AS MANY AS WE GODDAMN LIKE!! Check out some Live Video Footage of the gig in the new Downloads section!

amphibious Jim Beam tastes so good! posted 12/11/02

Amphibious are one of the three bands in QLD to be selected to play at the Jim Beam Planet X Tour 2002! The event is at the Xtreme Bar, Fitzys Hotel. From 5pm, the Sportszone will feature BMX riders, skaters, MotoX, Djs, break dancers, and amphibious kick start the MusicZone at 9pm. One band out of the 3 will be selected by Festival Mushroom Records to play at the Planet X Games 2002 at the Sydney Superdome. So come along and party at the Jim Beam Planet X Tour 2002!! (See above for details)

amphibious The Line-up! posted 05/11/02

Amphibious welcomes top drummer Scott Wade to the band, who has been a friend of the band for quite a while. Scott has settled in nicely since Nate moved from drums to bass. The band is currently working on new songs as well as songs featured on upcoming EP. Watch out for a gig very soon!

Check out the Bio page for Scott's profile!

amphibious The new EP update! posted 04/11/02

The new amphibious EP, set for release early 2003, will feature the songs....
You will never be my girl
love and breaking up
The Letter
drifting away(a new version of the previous single)
and more!
Check out the -Sound page for lyrics to these songs, and watch out for upcoming gigs.

amphibious The latest goss! posted 10/10/02

Believe it or not, in a crazy but exciting decision, the NEW LOOK amphibious features twins Dan and Nate up front. Nate's moved from drums to bass guitar. In other exciting news, amphibious have been contacted by numerous independant labels who want to distribute their upcoming EP. Much of this interest came from the national airplay of their unreleased song 'love and breaking up' on Triple M Sydney. More soon!

amphibious Amphibious just miss out on M-One Festival! posted 25/09/02
The phib just missed out on playing at ANZ Stadium with all the big names! Instead they've received a runners-up Lifehouse pack full of CD's and what not, plus their songs are being played on national radio. So thats the good news! The winning band was a hard rocking band called Cartel, who should do a good job rocking the Stadium.

amphibious New EP and lineup almost ready! posted 25/09/02
Amphibious have nearly finished recording their New EP which will follow up the 'drifting away' single released earlier. Without giving too much away, there are 4-5 exciting new songs, and its due for release around January 2003. Also, a new bass player will be announced soon to fill in the big shoes left by Garth.

amphibious Farewell to Garth (Bass player) from amphibious posted 24/09/02
In a sad but ultimately brave decision, Garth (Bass player) has decided to take a step back from amphibious. Dan and Nate give Garth all their support, and thank him for the years of good times with the band. Click here to read Garths Farewell on the amphibious message board!

amphibious Moving on! posted 24/09/02
Nate and Dan are very supportive of Garth's decision and are thankful for all the magic he has created over the past 5 years. None of us will forget our first gigs at battle of the bands back in 1998, and all the action between then and now. Garth will always be a part of amphibious, just like all our friends, family and fans who have been there over the years. Nate and Dan are stoked to have Garth's full support to achieve more and more musically. We will be stoked to know we have everyone else's support as well. Thanks everyone.

amphibious Chance to open M-One Festival! posted 18/09/02
on Tuesday night (17th) the phib were interviewed live on Triple M Sydney. Daniel took the call while partying at Noosa and it was all very exciting. Amphibious are one of the few bands with a chance to play at the M-One Festival at ANZ Stadium, October 5th. Thanks to Triple M, amphibious could be opening the festival on the mainstage. The band will be announced this Friday night on Triple M! Click here to request amphibious for M-one!

amphibious Heaps of lyrics! posted 07/09/02
Go to the Sound section to not only hear some amphibious songs, but also have a look at some of their lyrics.

amphibious Awesome Radio Comments! posted 02/09/02
On Sunday 1st, Triple M played the song in the morning and an interview with Daniel. BJ, the radio announcer, had plenty of exciting words to say about the song ("great new song, really catchy") and the band ("this band has got a promising future"), In the morning is the 3rd track on the phib's debut single, and has caught the ears of many since its release. Go to Sound the section to hear the Mp3. Interview transcripts will be up soon!

amphibious Details of New EP! posted 02/09/02
Amphibious have started recording their New EP which will follow up the 'drifting away' single release earlier. Without giving too much away, there are 4-5 exciting new songs, and its due for release around January 2003.

amphibious 'In the Morning' radio debut! posted 30/08/02
This Sunday, between 8-9pm, Triple M 104.5fm will play the song in the morning as part of their 'Made in Vegas' segment. Tune in to catch an quick interview with Daniel as well. In the morning is the 3rd track on the phib's debut single, and has caught the ears of many since its release. Go to Sound the section to hear the Mp3.

amphibious The rockin Zoo night! posted 22/08/02
To all the rocking people who came out to the zoo on a heavily raining night, well, you simply rock. Amphibious kicked off the night at 8.30, followed by the cool Mackay band Reverend Green, and The Jaded Web rocked til midnight. Photos are up now!

amphibious The ZOO gig awaits! posted 29/07/02
Yes its true. Amphibious will play legendary Brisbane venue, The ZOO on Wednesday 21st August. The phib will kick off the night at 8pm, followed by Reverend Green, and The Jaded Web. In the lead-up to this event, amphibious are playing this Saturday 3rd August at a venue called The Rat & Parrot in Fortitude Valley at 9pm. Always check the Gig Guide for latest gig details. More on The ZOO gig soon!

amphibious Oh What a Night at the National Hotel! posted 29/07/02
The band would like to thank those from Toowoomba and Brisbane who came out to party at the awesome National Hotel on Saturday 27th July. After heaps of lineup changes leading up to the event, the bands that played were Chilled Article, Steve Townson and The Autumn Giants, all of which were excellent. There was a good partying crowd throughout the venue, which consisted of a classy fireplace to keep everyone warm. Photos of the night are up.

amphibious Rocking Toowoomba! posted 24/07/02
Due to popular demand in Toowoomba, amphibious are playing the National Hotel this Saturday 27th July, and have already been confirmed for more gigs at the venue. The supporting lineup has changed many times, with cool solo artist Steve Townson filling the spot now instead of Phelacy. The phib and Townson shared the headlining spot on the outdoor stage at this year’s Youth Festival, so if you are in Toowoomba this Saturday 27th, come out to the National and rock out.

amphibious Past Gig Keeps the Phib on their Toes! posted 24/07/02
The band’s show last Friday at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel had a few interesting incidents. Firstly, this venue has never been so packed (a good sign), and with Nates’s drum kit having problems early in the second song, quick thinking was required. While Nate was fixing his drumkit, Daniel burst into a solo rendition of ‘More than Words’ by the 1980’s rock band Extreme. Surprisingly, it won the crowd over with many singing along, and more than compensated for the small delay. Just another example of the spontaneous events that can happen at an amphibious gig!

Pre Rapid Party! Don't Miss it! 18/06/02
This Wednesday 19th June, at the Queen ST Mall Basement, amphibious will play the Pre-Rapid Party. The night starts at 7pm and goes until 1am, featuring bands from in and outside Brisbane. This includes Dr Paralax, Gudabah, Never Pay Retail, The Quickening, Angel Eyes, and Nux Vomica. $1 Bourbons, Free Pool, $5 entry or free before 6pm. Come and rock your Wednesday night!
Edinburgh Castle Show! posted 14/07/02
Where are the phib playing these days? Always check the Gig Guide for the latest shows. They are doing a showcase gig this Friday 19th July at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel. This show is thanks to rock band The Jaded Web, who are currently enjoying TV success on Channel 7 each Saturday. Also, amphibious are playing the Toowoomba National Hotel on Saturday July 27th. Contact the band if you want more details.
Amphibious to feature in Magazine! posted 02/07/02
Amphibious' debut double-single 'drifting away/green horizon', has been acheiving plenty since its release, with more to come. So far it has featured on major radio(Triple M) and TV(Channel 10 & Triple J's Fly TV). Now, to promote, their song 'green horizon' will feature in an upcoming issue of magazine, which will be distributed across newsagencies in Australia and NZ. There's plenty more in store so stay tuned.
QSM Basement rocked hard!
The Pre Rapid Festival Party at the Queen St Mall Basement on Wednesday the 19th June, simply rocked! Amphibious opened the night with 30 mins of their music, followed by excellent bands from all over Australia (mentioned below). Click here for latest PHOTOS from the event.
The DOME blown away! 14/06/02
The Dome Nightclub didn't know what hit it last night! With the help of new rock band The Bigger Picture, and the undeniably popular Razel, amphibious rocked out to a great crowd and especially loved those up the front partying. Highlights of the night included insane dancing at the front for both Razel and the phib; drummer Nate's bloodstained hands and drumsticks from using cheap drumsticks; and everyone who came along and enjoyed themselves. Click HERE to check out RAZEL for the many of you who loved them!
Phib to power the DOME!
What a show its going to be! This Thursday 13th June, from 9pm, the night will open with the heavy/melodic band 'The Bigger Picture', followed by the high-achieving, 3 spunky punky girls from 'RAZEL'(supporting Grinspoon next month). And yours truly 'Amphibious' will power it home. Doors open 8pm.

June has been a Brisbane Tour!
Honestly, the month of June is turning into a Brisbane tour! The phib just polished off an intimate night at the Music Platform on the 4th, and had an awesome time playing to a mostly football crowd at the QSM Basement on the 5th, with plenty of dancing going on. The band would like to thank those who party and enjoy themselves at any amphibious gig. check the Photos page soon for newies!

Amphibious broadcast on FLY TV
On Saturday 1st June, ABC television, FLY TV showed amphibious playing their ballad ‘drifting away’ live at Toowoomba’s Youth Festival. FLY TV is a new music and arts show on Saturday mornings and can be found also be found on Optusvision. This is amphibious’ second national TV broadcast in the past 12 months, so lets hope for more.

Three Big GIGS26/May/02

Amphibious have three big gigs coming up if you wish to catch them in action!

Firstly, The Paddington Music Platform on Tuesday June 4th, 8.45pm.

Followed by the Queen St Mall Basement on Wednesday June 5th, 9pm.

And finally, a HUGE gig at The Dome Nightclub, Thursday 13th June, with Razel and The Bigger Picture, night starts at 9pm. Check the gig guide on the front page for more details!

Eidecan Festival rocked!13/May/02

A healthy crowd attended this years Eidecan Festival held at Rumours International, Toowoomba. Amphibious played the outdoor stage at 4.20pm and rocked until 5 o'clock. The band would like to thank the crowd, the people and bands they met, and especially those who travelled from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to catch the phib's show. Check out the photo section for more!

First National radio airplay!07/May/02

The band received its first national airplay, broadcast from Triple M Sydney on Sunday May 5th. As part of the 'local' segment, co-hosted by Pat from Grinspoon, the song 'drifting away' was played and received positive comments from a former Polygram Records representative(signer of Powderfinger and Spiderbait).

Eidecan Festival set to rock! 02/May/02

Amphibious have been chosen to play the awesome Eidecan Festival in Toowoomba on Saturday May 11th. This all-ages festival is situated at Rumours International, with amphibious to play the outdoor stage at 4.20pm. This years headlining acts are Testeagles and The Butterfly Effect. Tickets are around $17 from Skinnys, and you can check out the festival at

Trocaderro Entertainment Centre rocked!28/April/02

Amphibious played their first show at the Gold Coast, and at the city’s major venue, Troccaderro Entertainment Centre (formerly Palladium). The event is part of a continuing showcase of Queensland bands, including the bands Siklik, Shift, 7 form, Us and Fatso and Level 3. The phib took full advantage of the short, 20 minute set allowed and played five of their rock songs for the audience.
2 of the bands from the night will soon be chosen to play again in a even larger showcase of music, so stay tuned for details.

TRIPLE M interview and music Explosion!!! 23/April/02

Brisbane’s No 1 rock station Triple M 104.5, are getting behind amphibious as part of the station’s new ‘Brisvegas’ show (Wednesday nights 10.45pm).
Starting Wednesday 24th, The show will feature amphibious single ‘drifting away’, and then on Wednesday 8th, the band will be interviewed on air.
So tune in and get into the phib!

Phib at Surfers Paradise 23/April/02

Amphibious will play their biggest venue yet, this Friday at the Palladium (aka Troccadero Entertainment Centre) in Surfers Paradise. This is also their debut Gold Coast show and a chance to launch their new CD and songs. Their timeslot will be announced soon, so if you are looking for a bit of fun down the gold coast this Friday, drop in and see amphibious.

Amphibious at the Dome19/April/02

On Thursday 25th April at 10.30pm, amphibious will rock the Dome's B Lounge, on Adelaide St. This is a new classy venue in Brisbane so come and check it out. Ground Level, Dome Building, 383 Adelaide St.

QSM Basement Show goes off!5/April/02

After much publicity leading up to this show, including 2 segments on Triple M, the boys from amphibious took the stage at Brisbane’s Queen St Mall Basement and rocked the place. Many of the band’s latest songs were featured in the set, and an excellent crowd soaked up the atmosphere. Expect to catch the phib back at the Basement very soon!

The Triple M explosion3/April/02

Amphibious debut single ‘drifting away’ was played on Good Friday, and also Easter Sunday and doesn’t look like slowing down. It has received an awesome response from listeners to Triple M, who are keen on catching amphibious at the Queen St Mall Basement this Thursday 4th April at 7.45pm.

Click here to contact triple M and ask for drifting away!!!(fill in the suggestion form at the bottom of page)

Radio debut on Triple M!28/March/02

A song off the amphibious double-single ‘drifting away/green horizon’ will debut on Brisbane’s Triple M 104.5 radio station, on Good Friday 29th between 7-8pm. Tune in and listen, and remember you can request amphibious at

Huge QSM Basement show 4th April!15/March/02

On Thursday 4th April at 7.45pm, amphibious will be playing a huge show with Brisbane’s popular Melodessey and 6012. The QSM Basement (formerly Her Majesty’s) has played host to many top shows over the last few months, but this show has to be one of the best lineups of bands and is not to be missed.

Now you can listen to amphibious online!23/March/02

Now you can listen to amphibious, just click on the link on the menu bar and you’ll be taken their section of Their blitzing song ‘green horizon’ is currently available to download so check it out. To coincide with this development, amphibious’ new CD will soon be available to purchase online via

Phib blast the Music Platform again!13/March/02

Amphibious took the stage at 9.30pm, at their second show with the Music Platform, Paddington Tavern. An even larger crowd than before turned up to party and rock the night away in the classy venue. The band played a much different set of songs to last time, and a few new songs were showcased. Overall, a top night was had so watch out for the next gig announcement.

And a extra special thanks to those who came along, the band really appreciates it and hopes you enjoyed the night. And also, the amphibious road crew, Phil and Brendan.

Details for Music Platform, 12th March

Tuesday 12th March at 9.30pm, amphibious will take the stage downstairs at the Paddington Tavern (aka Sit Down Comedy Club). Entry is $5 at the door or from the band. Come along and hear songs of their latest CD, plus new songs. This will be their second appearance at the venue after a successful night in january. It promises to be a blitzing performance.

Backyard party tour rocks!24/Feb/2002

Saturday 23rd February, to a private crowd of 40 party people in the suburb of algester, the band played a blitzing 2 hours. Celebrating a fan's younger brother's 18th party, amphibious had an awesome time set up in a large shed viewing the backyard.

It was a good chance to get in touch with younger fans who cannot normally get into the usual venues in Brisbane. Expect more Backyard touring.

amphibious/mesmeric rock club stadium22/Feb/2002

It was the band's first gig at Sunnybank Hotel's Club Stadium, and they were joined by top Gold Coast band mesmeric. There was a good turn-up of locals who got into the original music displayed by both bands. Amphibious show-cased songs off their new CD as well as a some new material.

New CD available in local stores!20/Feb/2002

The drifting away / green horizon single is currently available in the Brisbane music stores ‘Skinnys’ and ‘Rockinghorse Records’. By March, it will be available in selected Gold Coast music stores and other areas in QLD ‘to be announced’. If these stores are not accessible to you, please contact the band.

To cater for in-store release quality, the CD has been newly packaged and designed in Sydney. Not to mention the luscious quality recording of the songs.

For more info on CD Click Here

Exciting behind the scene news!30/Jan/2002

Amphibious are about to start filming a professional video clip for their first single, 'drifting away'. The band is currently auditioning for extras in the video clip. Special pre-release copies of the CD Single are sold out, with the official release to hit selected stores in the coming weeks. The only difference being the order of the tracks, and slight imagery changes.

Also, the band will perform an east coast tour including brisbane, gold coast, sunshine coast venues and more. Of course, keep your eyes fixed on this space.

Music Platform a top night! 15/Jan/2002

On a night intending to be a showcase gig with the appearance of their debut CD single, quickly turned into the first of amphibious’ official CD lauches. An impressive crowd rocked up to the show, and many took the opportunity to hear the phib’s recording. Amphibious have been invited back to this awesome venue in the coming months, due to the popular response they received. Stayed tuned.

CD Single to be released! 09/Jan/2002

Amphibious' first CD single green horizon / drifting away will debut at their Music Platform Showcase performance on Tuesday January 15th (Paddington Tavern, onstage 8:45pm). The band is excited to have their first single released, after much hard work in the recording studio. The CD contains 3 songs and is available at gigs for $5.

More details soon....

Southbank and the Music Platform 04/Jan/2002

The new year will kick off with a blast with a performance at Southbank Plough Inn on Saturday 5th January. The phib are supporting Prefix and playing after Kizmet in the beer garden. The night kicks off at 7pm.

In other news, amphibious will play the Music Platform, downstairs at the Paddington Hotel(The Squeeze Bar). Onstage at 8:45pm, this is a showcase performance in a popular venue. Other bands are Norman's Friends, Trike, and White Elephant Snow. $5 Tickets are available by contacting the band or at the door.

Jubilee Hotel News 20/Dec/2001

After the success of the Jindalee Music Platform last saturday 15th December, the band is playing this saturday the 22nd at the Jubilee Hotel. Come and see the phib play a different show, with new and different songs including the favourites among fans. Amphibious take the stage at 9pm, followed by Prefix, Holster and others. Should be an exciting night!

Amphibious at ozrock? 12/Dec/2001

If you are keen on hearing some early songs by the phib, go visit us at At ozrock, you can here the songs Green Horizon, and even a dancy song called 'Who killed the DJ', which appeared in the finals of Channel 10's Ground Zero competition early this year with a low budget film-clip.

Soon this site will feature MP3's of the latest song's which have been professionally recorded at Mobius Studios.

More December gigs announced!6/Dec/2001

December is shaping up to be as exciting as November was, with two more gigs(see front page). Firstly, the Jindalee Hotel on Saturday the 15th, and then the Jubilee Hotel on the Saturday 22nd. Already planned in January is a gig at the Music Platform, which is situated at the Paddington 'Sit down comedy Club'. Should be a big one for the boys.

Phib rocks the Edinburgh Castle26/Nov/2001

Amphibious played the Edinburgh Castle Hotel at Chermside on Sunday night 25th Nov. A large crowd of supporters turned up to rock and drink with them. The phib opened the night with a half hour set, followed by IQ Negative, Snake and Jaded Web.

Check the gig guide on the front page for the next show.

Gigs coming up!5/Nov/2001

The band has plenty of shows in November so come along and support them. The Jubilee, Plough Inn, and Edinburgh Castle gigs have no cover charge. Times for the gigs are on the front page.

3 songs recorded!16/Sep/2001

The 3 tracks recorded by the phib are1: Green Horizon 2: In the morning 3: Drifting Away

So watch out for a release date and possibly an album launch. Go to our Songs page to read the lyrics to these songs.

Retrospect/Amphibious gig a hit! 16/Sep/2001

Amphibious played at the SouthBank beer garden in support of top band Retrospect. They played from 8-9 as the crowd grew larger in what turned out to be a special night. On last minute notice, supporters of the band rocked up and enjoyed a drink and a dose of original music. By the time Retrospect hit the stage, all seats were full and the crowd was treated to a hour and a half of original electric/acoustic melodies.

The phib recording debut EP!1/Sep/2001

3 tracks are almost finished for Amphibous' debut EP. Recording is being held at Mobious 3 studio in the Valley. You'll be hearing more soon.

Amphibious break through to SEMI-FINALS!!29/July/2001

The band will play the Semi-finals of the Australian Rock Awards on Friday 3rd August for a chance to play in the Grand Final at the Arena on the 12th August. Tickets are available through the band or at the door at the Plough Inn. Come and support them along with 8 other bands. Check your Time Off Magazine for more details.

Amphibious win Australian Rock Awards Quarter Finals! 7/July/2001

Amphibious and Submission were the bands to make it through to the semi finals in what turned out to be an exciting night. Other bands were 'Nogki, Tempus, Volumatic, and Born Naked'. The band would like to thank everyone who came along and supported them, which most definately had an impact on the bands success for the night, and cannot thank you enough.

Amphibious qualify for 2001 Rock Awards 4/April/2001

Amphibious played at the Australian Rock Awards auditions at the Raceview Tavern, Ipswich. This gig was the lead-up to the heats which start in June. Stayed tuned for the dates. The following night they played at QE2 sports club with guest appearance by the brother Bradley on guitar and vocals. The cover songs played were 'Baby one more time', 'Spy who loved me', 'Round and Round', and 'If your Gone'.

Amphibious Photo Shoot27/January/2001

Amphibious members Nate, Dan and Garth will be undergoing a special photo-shoot in preparation for upcoming promotion material. While the decision is still being made, proposed locations include areas in Sydney and Brisbane, with help from local bands down south. Let's just say it will be an interesting day for the band, with some places getting back to nature in the wilderness, mountains and waterfalls.

Recording soon26/January/2001

With the help of DJ Tani, the Phib will be recording another multi track CD starting next week. They haven't decided which ones to record yet, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see the new catchy tune 'Drifting Away' on there.

Amphibious appear on Ozrock14/November/2000 has dedicated a section of their site to Amphibious. You can even listen to 2 of their songs! Ozrock is a huge support for unsigned Australian bands so check out the talent NOW!Click Here to visit us at Ozrock!


Amphibious have debuted on the QLD Music Charts at number 8. Also, number 36 in Australia. This is just the first week and it came as a big surprise to the band. Keep voting every week on the front page, and thankyou to Phil for his promotional duties.

Click Here to see the Charts


The action never lets up. In the space of 4 hours, the band spontaneously drove to an audio/visual recording studio and filmed a music video for 'Who killed tha DJ'. The rather corny clip suited the dance rock song, and is set to be shown on Ground Zero in coming weeks.
Afterwards, Amphibious made an appearance at Shooter's nightclub, where they ran into rugby league hero Laurie Daley.
However, all did not go to plan on the drive home at night. Garth noticed the temperature gauge in Nate's car on HOT with 65km to drive. They had to pull over and call for assistance despite the efforts of a friendly passer-by. While waiting for the RACQ, a car pulled up and a woman jumped out saying she would do anything if they would drive her to Brisbane Airport. Nate told her the car was stuffed but thanked her for the offer anyway. In return, she verbally abused them for wasting her time and left.
What followed that night was
- a long wait for the RACQ and tow truck
- waiting in the rain for a lift home from parents.
- Garth going nuts and telling urban legends
- Daniel getting paranoid about homicidal maniacs driving past

By 3am, they were home safe and sound.


Amphibious have made an attempt to be part of the Ozrock website. If successful, they will feature in their own exclusive section of the site, and also rocket up the Ozrock charts. As a bonus, fans can listen to a few of the bands songs via Ozrock. More on this topic soon!